Does Virtualisation makes Hosting cost-effective ?

Written by Pravin on October 14, 2008 – 10:58 am -

Virtualisation technology is playing a vital roles in web hosting business. It has erased all the limits of hosting & it is making web hosting business more cost-effective. Virtualisation techniques & softwares allows users to use the hardware more efficiently. This reduces the cost engaged in aquiring hardware assets as multiple ‘VPS’ or ‘virtual machines’ runs on same hardware node. On a good hardware node you can host number of virtual machines.

Virtualisation solution is the smart way to scale your resources. The biggest advantage with  virtualisation is that you get more out of the servers & you only pay for the resources that you are using at any given time.

In virtualisation virtual machines can be moved around the network or physical hosts without any manual work. This make it cost-effective & reduces downtime also.

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