How does the Conficker worm work?

Written by Mike on March 25, 2009 – 12:37 am -

The Conficker worm is a computer worm that can infect your computer and spread itself to other computers across a network automatically, without human interaction.

infected How does the Conficker worm work?

WORM: Win32/Conflicker attempts to make numerous connections to the computers across the network (from infected System) finding new hosts (systems) that have weak passwords, shared files on network, removable disks, and outdated Security updates.

woupdates How does the Conficker worm work?
Computers on the network without latest Security updates OR outdated updates may get infected with the worm.

nwshared How does the Conficker worm work?
Computers with open shares and Shared network files on network can easily targeted by this worm.

pendrive How does the Conficker worm work?
Removable devices like USB Pen drives, Flash Drives, USB sticks, External Hard Drives may get infected with this worm and infect other computers where these media will be used for data transmission.

shared How does the Conficker worm work?
Shared Computer with weak password may get infected. So, make sure to keep strong password. Also use Numbers and Special Characters while setting Passwords.

firewall How does the Conficker worm work?
Computers with a proper Password Policy, current Security Updates, Antivirus OR Security Software and Secured Network Share are protected from Conflicker Worm.

Here’s an illustration of how the Conficker worm works.

diagram How does the Conficker worm work?

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4 Comments to “How does the Conficker worm work?”

  1. Linda Says:

    I cannot access windows update, microsoft. I also cannot update my norton virus protection or any virus protection that I put on my computer.
    I am now thinking I have the conflicker worm. If I do how do I get rid of the s.o.b..
    I need help please

  2. Linda Says:

    I think I have a conflicker worm infestation. I cannot connect to any web site that updates my security nor to window update or microsoft. Please help.
    Linda messina

  3. Kevin Says:

    See, I don’t know why anyone uses any AntiVirus other than Avast. I put it on all my customers computers and none of them have been re-infected with any virus since. I’ve used and love McAfee, and Norton\Symantec but viruses get past them. They do not get past Avast.

    NO I do not work for Avast, do not make any money off of this endorsement or any profit. I’ve been working on computers since 1979 and have experienced it all. Avast and SuperAntiSpyware have been the best and still going strong.

  4. What the Fuck Says:

    Title says “How does the Conficker worm work?” So how the fuck does Conficker work????? Where the fuck is the description…..this article is complete shit !!!

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