Business and IT benefits of Virtualizing Serves?

Written by Pravin on October 18, 2008 – 3:50 am -

Operations running 24×7 are the key objectives of business continuityin any organization. It is a best practice to¬† establish data centers & sites in different geographic regions with replicated applications and data using geographic redundancy.

Implementing geographic redundancy is the main task which can be done in different ways. Deploying multiple sites & using some software to duplicate the data is the significant investment. Now a days IT professionals  build redundant sites as a backup and manually manage data replication and failover to the secondary site when needed. By virtualizing data center resources at both sites, you can turn non-performing assets into an ongoing available asset.

A better practice is to virtualize your server and application resources-a much more cost effective and a better overall architecture. Instead of deploying that very expensive mid-range system, virtualize multiple, low-cost, high-performance servers with applications and data, so when one server fails you are not impacted. This gives you the opportunity to achieve high availability and performance without breaking the bank.

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VPS Hosting Green-Clean Environment

Written by ShaneM on October 8, 2008 – 4:27 pm -

It has been seen the resources on VPS Web hosting packages are exploited unneccessarily. So, how do we go green with our hosting packages to save our environment ?

The Server parts consumes a lot of energy which are not required and can be reduced if required. Data Centers and Server farms have the worst effect on the environment. Electric bills, heat released from the servers directly affect the balance of our surrounding. It’s important that we take relevant steps to reduce the environment effect. Reducing old servers by replacing by new servers and utilization of virtualization software such as
VPS Hosting
can be used to avoid the outcome of the resource exploitation. It is VPS Web Hosting that not only save more on money but also reduces the impact on the environment.

Less no. of physical servers are used in case of VPS’s and also it requires less space and eventually reduces the DataCenter to expand their facility. VPS Hosting solutions are best of their kind. Many Hosting providers provide these solutions. You might want to consider one, don’t you think ?

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