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Written by Swapnil on September 22, 2008 – 6:04 pm -

I have made nice doc for those want to use free email virus checker instead of Dr. Web. (why should i pay more ;)

First check in the System/Services if Dr.Web AV is stopped. Dr.Web AV needs license above the 15th email. There is tested and free alternative.

ClamAV – is available in windows in 2 variants – ClamWIN which is more user friendly and more aimed to scanning computers – and exact replica of Linux ClamAV which is the only working variant supported by Plesk:

Go to the page, download the latest version and install it. Run freshclamav once in a while or even better setup a scheduler to do it once daily.

Then go to System/Services and find the clamav service. Click on properties and set it up to run automatically.

Restart the VPS.

Go to Plesk and login as administrator.

Click on System-Server

Click Defaults Components (should it be Default components I would say?)

ClamAV should be one of the available antivirus options. Select it, and (maybe) restart VPS once again.

That would be it. If you want to know how to use antivirus from plesk then consult their manuals.

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