Configure Virtual Private Network on Windows Virtual Private Server.

Written by Pritam on September 22, 2008 – 6:02 am -

Following steps to configure the Virtual Private Network on Windows Virtual Private Server.

1. For windows Virtual Private Server, First you need to enable “NAT” for your Virtual Private Server. This must be done from the Main Hardware Node. We will do it on our Main Hardware Node.

2. After enabling “NAT” for your Virtual Private Server, Go to Start >> RUN >> Type “services.msc” in you Virtual Private Server
On the services list, select “Routing and Remote Access” and go to properties. Make the startup type automatic and apply. After that you should have the option to “Start” this service. Start this service as we are going to use this service basically to route our traffic

3. Now go to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Click on the shortcut says “Routing and Remote Access”. It should open the configuration panel of Routing and Remote Access.

4. Now right click on your computer name the click the option says “Configure and Enable remote and routing access”. Before doing this, make sure your Firewall service is stopped and disabled.

5. Now on the configuration wizard click Next to proceed >> In the configuration list select “Custom Configuration”, Press Next >> Select Virtual Private Network Access & NAT and Basic Firewall Option, Press Next >> Now press Finish to end the wizard.

This wizard should enable the PPTP & L2TP Virtual Private Network access to your firewall with private routing capability. Now you need to configure your Virtual Private Server to route the private Traffic to the Public Interface. To do this, we need to have any of the following two:

1. Two network interface to route one to another. or
2. We can use NAT (Network Address Translation) using the Microsoft Loopback adapter.

We will basically work with the 2nd one as Virtual Private Server don’t come with two network interfaces. To continue with the NAT configuration, go to the Routing and Remote Access panel >> Expand ComputerName (Local) >> Expand Ip Routing >> You should find a option says “NAT/Basic Firewall”. Simply right click on that option and use the New interface to add network translation. Now first add the Inferface says “Internal” which is basically for private network access with default settings and on second attempt add your main adapter to the NAT list and select the options says “Public Interface connected to this inferface” and select the option says “Enable NAT on this interface”.

Now your network should have the address translation working, that means your private requests should be now translated and you can use this Virtual Private Network as your internet gateway.

Now to allow your users to use Virtual Private Network, add a new user and from the properties allow its Dial In permission. User with Dial-In permission should be able to login using Virtual Private Network.

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